Compression Molding: DeCO2 DE/DES foam

EVA GLORY's compression molding eco-friendly biobased foam – the DeCO2 DE/DES foam – is made from renewable raw materials and recycled PE resins which are made of recycled waste plastics. It not only has the characteristics of thermo-moldable and easy fabrication, but also can customize to meet specific customer needs for resilience, elongation, hardness, density, and other properties.

Our DeCO2 DE/DES foam is tested and verified by Beta Analytic Inc., and its biobased carbon content meets the requirement set forth by USDA’s BioPreferred ® Program. The DeCO2 DE/DES foam is certified under the Program’s Intermediates – Foams (22%) category. Additionally, the DeCoto De/DES foam also conforms with the OK Biobased 1 Star standard (biobased carbon content between 20% and 40%).

The DeCO2 DE/DES foam series is widely applied in various industries, ranging from personal protection and leisure activities to medical care products, and even day-to-day living applications. Since the launch of DeCO2o foam, EVA GLORY has leveraged 50 years of professional experience, and foam injection technology to provide comprehensive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), JDM (Joint Design Manufacturer) services to our customers. We collaborated closely with customers to develop many eco-friendly biobased products, such as yoga mat, yoga wheel, massage roller/ball, marine decking, anti-slip mat, orthopedic soles, and decorative wall panel for home decoration.


Double Expansion: DeCO2 DUS foam

After successfully launching the DeCoto DE/DES foam, our R&D team took a bold step further to develop a biobased foam that is lighter than our DE/DES foam while retaining the biobased carbon content in conformity with USDA’s BioPreferred ® Program. We’ve developed the DeCoto DUS foam which is made of renewable biobased materials just like our DeCCO2 DE/DES foam, but undergone an extended foaming stage known as the Double Expansion foaming technology that gives the DUS foam a much lighter density (range from 0.04 to 0.05 g/cm3).

The biobased carbon content of the DeCO2 DUS foam is tested and verified by Beta Analytic Inc., for its conformity with the OK Biobased 1 Star standard (biobased carbon content between 20% and 40%) and USDA’s BioPreferred ® Program under the category of Intermediates – Foams (22%)

The characteristic lightweight of the DUS foam expands the scope of DeCO2 foam’s multi-faceted applications. It’s an excellent material of choice for applications that require great buoyancy capability, for example, water aerobic equipment, kickboard, and water barbells. The DUS foam can also be used for various indoor sports and leisure products, such as yoga blocks, yoga wheels, and foam rollers.


Physically Cross Linked: DeCO2 DXS foam

EVA GLORYs biobased physically cross linked foam – the DeCO2 DXS foam – is made with LDPE, EVA, and renewable raw materials. The DeCO2 DXS foam has a closed-cell structure and is non-toxic, odorless. The DXS foam is available in various widths (ranging from 600 to 2000mm) and thickness (from 1.5 to 12.7mm). The foam’s density range is between 0.04-0.3 g/cm3.

The DeCO2 DXS foam is tested by Beta Analytic Inc., it conforms to USDA BioPreferred Program under the category of Intermediates — Foams (22%), and OK biobased 1 star (between 20% and 40% biobased), In addition, we can customize different ratios of biobased carbon content for customer’s needs.

The DeCoto DXS has a smooth and soft surface on the outside, and uniform distribution of closed-cell structures on the inside which gives the DXS foam its excellent mechanical properties and stability. The DXS foam is waterproof, soundproof, shockproof, and thermal resistant. It can be further customized to achieve an extensive array of functions to meet customer’s specific needs, such as corrosion-resistant, flame resistant, anti-mildew, anti-electromagnetic radiation, anti-static, and more.

The DeCoto DXS is widely used in a variety of applications. It can serve as a protective and insulating foam layer for sound/heat insulation pads and packaging materials. For the protection industry, the DXS foam is an excellent material for exercise mats, yoga mats, ski accessories, helmet liners, and equestrian vests.


Biobased Resins: DeCO2 WB/WE Resins

EVA GLORY's DeCoto WB/WE resins are compounded from a wide spectrum of renewable biobased feedstock. The DeCO2 resins are emerging raw materials as a sustainable alternative for petrochemical EVA/PE. The DeCO2 resins are tested by Beta Analytic Inc. for their biobased content, which contains up to 90% biobased carbon. The DeCO2 WB/WE Resins conform to USDA BioPreferred ® Program under the category of Intermediates – Resins (22%). They also meet OK biobased 1-star standard (biobased carbon content between 20% and 40%)

The DeCO2 WB/WE Resins have a wide range of applications because they can be added to the foam production process as an additive with great flexibility. They work just like any conventional EVA/PE resins, but they offer customers a practical and cost-efficient approach to fulfill sustainability initiatives.

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