De-Coto is and eco-friendly biobased foam produced exclusively by EVA GLORY which fossil EVA is replaced with biobased carbon.

The biobased carbon is made from a wild range of renewable biobased feedstock including bamboo, rice husks, straw, wood and agricultural waste, which are not eligible for food or feed production.


  1. DE-YM01, Bamboo Sprinkles yoga mat, 61*180cm*5mm, 0.8Kg
  2. DE-YM02, Straw and Rice Husks Yoga mat, 61*180cm*5mm, 0.9Kg
  3. DE-MR01, Bamboo Sprinkles Roller, ∅13.5*33cm, 0.8Kg
  4. DE-MR02, Straw/Rice Husks/Bamboo Blend Roller, ∅13.5*33cm, 0.8Kg
  5. DE-YB01, Bamboo Sprinkles Yoga Block, 23-14*8cm, 360g
  6. DE-YB02, Straw/Rick Husks/Bamboo Blend Yoga Block, 23*14*8cm, 760g
  7. DE-YB03R, Round Bamboo Sprinkles Yoga Block, ∅22*8m, 440g
  8. DE-YB04H, Half-round Straw/Rice Husks/Bamboo Blend YOGA Block, ∅24*8m, 580g.
    All yoga blocks sandwich black parts are made from recycle foam
  9. SY-FM01, Straw and Rice Husks Flooring Mat, 100*100cm*20mm, 2.80Kg

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