2016 EDM


Biobased Foam
Save our planet with SWAG

Less impact on our lovely Environment
Take part of the social responsibility
Affordable. Think of the cost of harmful materials do to the planet!
Rising concerns about climate change and environmental sustainability

Closed Resource Cycle

Dedicate to develop Closed Resource Cycle including using recycled biobased products and renewable energy sources

  • Contain 22-29% biobased carbon – ASTM D6866-16 tested by BETA lab
  • Conform to OK biobased 1 Star – between 20 and 40% biobased.
  • Contain non-GMO sources
  • Recycle agriculture waste and food waste as feedstock (around 30% global food production is either wasted or lost every year)
  • Social responsibility -
    Creates more than 300 thousands high-skilled jobs by 2030, helps the reindustrialization of biobased products and raises the employment globally.
  • Decrease CO2 Emission up to 23%, the amount of decreased CO2 equals to 30 trees CO2 annual absorption, based on comparison of producing one ton of De-Coto foam and one ton of regular EVA foam.

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